So you get points

So you get points

member of the Treasures Community you can save the points for gifts

Points Shop, you can see all the beautiful and fun things that you can bring your child to your score. There are gifts of high quality that is selected by Libero. On your points account, you can see how many points you've got together.

NOTE Will Libero suspicion of abuse of codes must be able to prove your registered codes and purchases.

BRONZE benefits

Points every time you fill in a Libero blöjkod. When you register for the Treasures Community you will BRONZE member.

SILVER benefits

Five extra bonus every time you fill in a blöjkod. Once you have filled in five blöjkoder you become SILVER member.

GOLDEN benefits

- Ten extra bonus every time you fill in a blöjkod
- 100 bonus points for every ten packets diapers
- Ten points for every gift you order in Points Shop
- More gifts to choose from in Points Shop

Once you have filled in 20 blöjkoder you become GOLD member.

You can earn points in several ways:
1. Libero diaper packages

Libero diaper packages, there is a code (Libero Club Code) on the inside of the packets at the perforation where you open the package.

code, enter in the box to score Hoppens front page. Click on Treasures in the menu and on to points Hoppen and you'll see it.

Every time you sign a package Libero diapers with 33 or fewer diapers and the little packets with Libero Baby Soft size 2 (36 diapers), you get 50 points.
Every time you sign a package Libero diapers with more than 33 pcs diapers and packages Libero UP & GO size 8, you get 100 points.
You can register codes from blöjpaketen as long as you are a member of Treasures.

second Libero baby care

You can also earn points by signing purchase of Libero baby care products
You get 25 points for each registration. You may earn a maximum of 500 points from Libero baby care products per child.

3rd Answering questions in the emails you receive from Libero

You can answer the questionnaire in the e-mails we send to you at regular intervals. Click the "Answer and score points" in an email from us. Each questionnaire gives 10 points.

Important information about collecting points

1. You can earn points as long as you are a member. Your membership in Libero club lasts until your child turns five.

Second Points must be used in Points Shop before your membership in the Treasures Community ceases.

third Every week we send out gifts to those who are ordering. Expect a delivery time of about three weeks.

fourth You get points for Libero diapers and baby care products. See All Products här.

5th You may gather just how many points you want, but you may collect a maximum of 500 points from Libero baby products per child. When you reach the upper limit of how many points you can gather for baby care, you get no more Points if you sign a code for a baby care product, but you still get points for diapers and questionnaires in your email from Libero.

Read frequently asked questions about collecting points här.

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