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  • Exercise to stay fit and fabulous (0 comments)

    Preparing yourself both mentally and physically for labour will not only make the birth easier,

  • False and real contractions (0 comments)

    False labour pains are irregular, the intensity doesn’t change, they do not get closer together and

  • Induced labour (1 comments)

    The days after your due date drag But giving birth plus or minus 14 days around the estimated date

  • Preparing for the birth (0 comments)

    Exercising during pregnancy will not only make you feel good – strong and energised - your baby

  • Pain relief during labour (1 comments)

    A brief description of the most common forms of pain relief is given below Speak to your LMC if

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  • Week 33

    Gaining almost 250 grams per week! The next four weeks will be a period of extraordinary growth...

  • Week 37

    Getting bigger and bigger Your baby is now collecting nourishment needed for the delivery. He or...

  • Week 21

    The head is growing The diameter of your baby's head has grown by 3 mm since last week. The hair...

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