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  • After an emergency cesarean section (0 comments)

    An emergency caesarean section can stir up a lot of feelings Some women feel they were done out of

  • Pregnancy and medication (0 comments)

    Make sure you always mention that you're pregnant when you are visiting a health professional, for

  • Is sex still off the cards (0 comments)

    For the first few months after giving birth, a woman’s body is flooded with hormones that affect

  • The baby blues (0 comments)

    It might seem crazy, but as a new mother you will sit crying, worrying that someday, someone might

  • Diaper Changing Tips (4 comments)

    You will quickly realize that diaper-changing time is the perfect opportunity for you to interact

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    Lau Xuan Chen, 6 months
    6-month-old Baby,


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  • 27-29 months

    Talking aloud A window has opened to your child’s consciousness. It’s slightly ajar, and you can...

  • 18-20 months

    Speech is highly individual All children learn to talk in the same order. First they use single...

  • 16 months

    One thing at a time Sometimes a child who's been an enthusiastic babbler suddenly becomes quiet....

  • 4 months

    Give your baby tummy time From having only been able to see black and white until now, your baby...

  • 42-44 months

    Friends Three year-olds aren’t as self-centred as two year-olds, so can usually play together...

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